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2 days ago
Punam created a blog entry Thought for today...

Give & Take : Whatever you give comes back to you. Whatever you take will not stay with you.

02:51 PM
3 days ago
Punam created a blog entry Thought for today...

Quality Thinking: The quality of thought creates the quality of life.

08:44 AM
4 days ago
Punam created a blog entry Thought for today...

Peace of mind comes not from wanting to change others, but by simply accepting them as they are.

11:42 AM
5 days ago
Punam created a blog entry Thought for today...

Good feelings for others are like ointments that heal wounds and re-establish friendship and relationships. Good feelings are generated in the mind, are transmitted through your attitude and are reflected through your eyes and smile. Smiling opens the heart and a glance can make miracles happen.

08:31 AM
6 days ago
Punam created a blog entry Thought for today...

Contentment is a great virtue, though it may not attract one's attention at first. Those who are truly content are usually quiet about it. It is a pleasure to be in their company, because they are full, peaceful, and generous.

11:58 AM
1 week ago
Punam created a blog entry Thpught for today...

Being A Busy Bee: Now there's nothing wrong with being a busy bee. But as you buzz around, what are you collecting? Things that weigh you down or make you buoyant?
Now just as bees don't waste their time and energy collecting useless things, be like a bee. Collect what’s useful and stay buoyant.

Jul 24
Punam created a blog entry Thought for today...

Thoughts Words & Actions : Fill every thought with determination, every step with courage and every word with love.

Jul 23
deniserosen created a new group, more info Jul 22
Punam created a blog entry Thought for today...

Thoughts become words and words become actions. Actions become habits and habits become character. Character becomes destiny. So pay attention for your thoughts always.

Jul 22
Punam created a blog entry Thought for today...

Tell a lie once and all your truths become questionable"OR "Speak the truth, even if your voice shakes." Choice is yours.

Jul 21
Punam created a blog entry Thought for today...

We tend to see things not as they are, but as we are. Becoming quiet and simple inside is the first step towards seeing things truly.

Jul 20
2 weeks ago
Punam created a blog entry Thought for today...

Anger is the power of ignorance and peace is the power of knowledge.

Jul 16
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