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Punam created a blog entry Thought for today...

Keep peace in the mind, love in the heart and happiness in relationships.

07:53 AM
Punam created a blog entry Thought for today...

To unite your ideas with the ideas of others is to give regard.

09:58 AM
3 days ago
Punam created a blog entry Thought for today...

If you want to do anything you find a way. If you don't want to do anything you find an excuse.

07:52 AM
5 days ago
leonadll360 created a new group, perfume masculino feromonas 02:10 AM
6 days ago
Punam created a blog entry Thought for today...

Humility dismisses nothing, rather, it takes even small things into consideration. It recognizes that whatever life presents, needs to be respected. Small things are easily found in something big, but inside little things there is often greatness.

07:48 AM
1 week ago
nilaredmond created a new group, cheap Sexy Underwear Jun 25
Punam created a blog entry Thought for today...

Peace of mind comes not from wanting to change others, but by simply accepting them as they are.

Jun 25
travisbdo5 created a new group, consoladores Jun 24
Punam created a blog entry Thought for today...

Assertiveness is our ability to convey thoughts and feelings in ways that can be clearly heard; whilst maintaining our personal integrity, as well as respect for others.

Jun 24
victorinapu created a new group, cremas cosmetica Jun 23
Punam created a blog entry Thought for today...

The Key of Optimism : Optimism opens a door in difficult or hopeless situations. Optimism knows that there is always a way, no matter how many doors have been shut. Optimism believes that there is always a useful alternative. No matter what the crisis, an optimist maintains the outlook that it is a sign, time for a different way of thinking, or a new way of doing things.

Jun 23
Punam created a blog entry UNLOCKING THE SECRET...

Join us for a memorable evening with Sister Sudesh and lean to apply Karma principles for worry-free and stress-free life

Day: Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Time: 6:00 PM-9:00 PM

Place: Jain Temple 722 S. Main Street, Milpitas, CA 95035

Program Highlights:

Light Dinner: 6:00 - 6:45 PM

Live Performances by local talent

Inspirational Talk by Sister Sudesh

Guided Meditation


FREE Admission! Limited seating

Registration required ASAP!


Sister Sudesh is Director of Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University in Germany. She has been an avid practitioner as well as a teacher of spirituality and Raj Yoga meditation for nearly 45 years. She completed BA in Political Science from Punjab University at the young age, and has been with the Brahma Kumaris since 1957.

Sister Sudesh is a living demonstration of the spirituality she strives to impact, and a powerful inspiration to all who meet her .




Jun 22
Punam created a blog entry Thought for today...

If the switch of awareness is on, you cannot have an 'off-mood'.

Jun 22
2 weeks ago
Punam created a blog entry Thought for today...

Ego is not just having a big head. Ego is present every time you feel any kind of fear, or hear yourself saying "That's mine!". The truth tells us that nothing is 'mine' or 'yours', we are all trustees, and fear is only present where there is the voice of attachment. So where there is ego, there is attachment, and where there is attachment there is fear, and where there is fear there cannot be love and where there is no love there is misery. This is why there is so much unhappiness in the world. Detach from everything, and you will banish ego, fear will be no more, only then can true love return, and our oldest friend happiness will feel it is then safe to make a reappearance in your life.

Jun 18
A guest reviewed Bhavana's Day Care. Jun 17
Punam created a blog entry Thought for today...

Become a true diamond. Eat the nourishment of happiness and never give sorrow to anyone. True diamonds sparkle from far away.

Jun 17
Punam created a blog entry Thought for today...

When we have an attitude of learning from every interaction with others we experience personal enrichment and progress.

Jun 16
Punam created a blog entry Thought for today...

The heart is like a flower - unless it is open it cannot release its fragrance into the world. The fragrance of the heart is made up of the qualities and virtues of our spirit. Most of us have learned how to keep our heart closed in a world that would trample all over us if we let it. Being open hearted today seems to require tremendous courage. It is a courage which comes only when we realize that no one can hurt us, no matter what they say or do. They may hurt our body, but if we have realized we are spirit, nothing outside can touch us, if we so decide. Little by little, practice opening your heart to those you think have hurt you. Realize it wasn't them that hurt you, it was yourself. And it taught you not to trust and you closed your heart. A closed heart is in need of opening. And when you do, you will have begun to heal yourself.

Jun 15
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