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liuyi created a new topic Advantages furniture gold Phoebe in the forums.
Gold Nan is a unique precious wood, wood gloss strong, especially in the light shining like gold flashes, so called gold Nan. In recent years, more and more friends who sought the favor of gold Phoebe furniture, but in the end gold Phoebe furniture What are the advantages of it, there are still a lot of friends do not know, so today small for everyone brief golden Phoebe silk furnishings advantages.

A merit, furniture gold Phoebe

1, pest control and strong. As we all know, wood is moth is a common phenomenon, but also the largest timber predators, Phoebe growth period is relatively easy to be moth-eaten, but once mature, its wood contains a unique scent, this fragrance has a role to disperse mosquitoes, So Phoebe furniture has a strong pest resistance.

2, corrosion-resistant and strong. Phoebe is grown in subtropical trees, its growth cycle for hundreds of years, and therefore extremely precious. Phoebe excellent corrosion resistance, even in extreme hot and humid environment, Phoebe furniture will not be corroded by oxidation, so since ancient times, Phoebe was used extensively for the manufacture of furniture.

3, good cold. Phoebe itself of mild, even in winter is not cold, wooden furniture Phoebe closely affected by the internal temperature of the external environment is very small, so in the winter cold has a good performance.

4, cool. Do not touch the cold winter palace Phoebe commonly produced couch, winter is not cold, summer heat, not to hurt the body, while others will not have this excellent feature hardwood.

5, easy to change, due to split or rarely smooth texture and easy to distort, not only small expansion and contraction and the hardness of the nail holding power was good.

6, fine grain magnificent, exquisite gold Phoebe abnormal soft and moist texture, delicate texture Mastery, freshly cut wood surfaces yellow with green, sporadic rains Chen Chen fragrance. Gold Phoebe production of artifacts, no stiff feeling, sleek, issued under the slightest light golden, innocent but quiet, demure and understated.

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03:00 AM
liuyi created a new topic Long Shengmei Guo red oak flooring in the forums.
Oak in all categories in order from North American red oak is particularly precious and special, arctic growth environment created its solid and stable material properties. Long Shengmei Guo pure red oak wood floors taken from Pennsylvania quality red oak origin, all FAS grade lumber, especially the introduction of long, wide, especially in line with imported sheet, 22mm thick unique specifications, in highlighting the common oak Yu natural advantage of not comparable, but also highlights American Deco stable atmosphere.

Recently, in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Jinan, Changsha, Nanchang, Changzhou, China Huangshan flooring market, set off a long red oak Shengmei Guo wind. As the sudden emergence of the North American wood flooring banner, long Shengmei Guo red oak floor by the pursuit of high-quality and high-grade consumers, it is becoming the focus of attention inside and outside the industry.

Lift the United States, the American mother of the country would think of the Statue of Liberty Enlightening the World, this memorial symbolizes freedom like France in 1876 presented to the American independent 100th anniversary gift, a symbol of American freedom, longing for the lofty ideals of democracy.

In the United States, there is a timber with the Statue of Liberty as famous, respected by the Americans, which is known as the national tree of American red oak. To commemorate the British immigrants only take the first ship Mayflower landed in North America for the first time, Americans in Plymouth memorial to lay a red oak tree country, to show the history of the nation's gratitude and respect.

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liuyi created a new topic Prefabricated box beam construction method in the forums.
15 contract section chief project engineer Li Qiang war, told reporters, "the workers to experience easy, efficient and just project pursue one aspect, through automation avoiding manual errors, standardization and quality of the project have been significantly improved." Construction Easy In addition, increase efficiency and improve the quality outside the construction of new technology using small box girder prefabrication, can save a lot of money to create a considerable economic benefits.

15 contract section, a total of eight sets of prefabricated beams outside the template, template kit 8, according to estimates, the use of hydraulic outer mold production system save 392 yuan each piece of the beam; using hydraulic Pulling the mold each piece beam production system can save 336 yuan; in addition, the use of a tire mold, each beam can also save 155 yuan.

Li Qiang war finally gave reporters calculations: the improved prefabricated box beam construction method, the production of each piece can save 883 yuan a small box girders, each small box girder shorten the duration of 2.5 days, a total cost savings of more than 1.8 million, economic significant benefits, the working efficiency is improved by 36.4%. Although new technology can greatly increase efficiency, bring considerable economic benefits, but the level of workers to operate, but also directly affect the technical performance and craftsmanship.

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11:34 PM
Evangeline created a blog entry Get the basketball f...

Move without the basketball. Jogging the baseline has positive aspects. You can possibly lose your defensive player in the paint for NBA 2K17 MT Coins a next and become open. At the very least you could distract the ball defender's attention for just a second. Although you may can't get open, established a screen for who have the ball.

Take a demand if you can. This helps get the basketball for the team and permits another foul on the challenger. This can devastate a competition psychologically as well as being a strong play on the court.

To be able to warm up your hands for a online game, hold the ball ahead of your current chest then slap that hard as you pass that from one hand to the other. It will help you to truly get a sense for the ball while the our blood begins to NBA 2K17 MT For XBOX ONE flow through your palms, getting them ready to play.

11:01 PM
liuyi created a new topic Why lacquered wood furniture in the forums.
Solid wood furniture is the life of common furniture, solid wood furniture is not only durable, but also beautiful and some collectible value. Solid wood furniture is usually used when painting but also in that in the end is why? Today small and everyone to see why solid wood furniture painted reasons, I hope for your help.
The first big advantage is the protection of timber
Solid wood furniture wood greater hardness, it is easy to polish a smooth feel warm, jade touch. If directly exposed, can be easily scratched or worn, lost jade texture, painted furniture is equivalent to put a layer of armor. &quot;America Wood jade, though fundamental, but it looks perfect, but worth a see.&quot; Even with that out of a wood material, there are subtle color, as a small flaw on the jade, though not &quot;fatal&quot; but it art greatly reduced.
The second big advantage as wearing a US clothing to furniture, to make furniture more perfect
US wood such as beauty, moist and tender, side see carved texture.
The third big advantage is to prevent the deformation of wood
The moisture content of a great influence on the stability of wood, sealed wood surfaces with paint, either to prevent external moisture rapidly penetrate into the wood, it is possible to prevent excessive evaporation of water inside, inside and outside the timber and let the exchange is slow, be gentle, ensure that timber is not deformed.
The fourth big benefit is timeless furniture, the more you use the more luster
If the logs directly exposed to the air, susceptible to corrosion and oxidation discoloration. After painting, the wood does not directly contact with air, you will always save the fresh wood color.
Fifth largest benefit is more delicate touch, easier to clean and maintain.
No matter how polished and delicate, it is impossible to seal the timber catheter, and these tend to be the filth of the catheter where it is difficult to clean. After painting, the catheter is filled and sealed, and gently wiped with a rag can be cleaned up.
However, the new WPC floor do not need more:
Wpc Waterproof Decking

Diy Wpc Patio Decking Dealers

Waterproof Wpc Decking
10:45 PM
liuyi created a new topic Hydraulic system in the mold in the forums.
In addition to using the outer mold, the mold hydraulic system also makes the mold removed, loaded into a relaxed living. I saw Zhang operated the pump power switch in the role of hydraulic jacks, the entire inner mold shrinkage in the box beam folded. After Li operating the hoist slowly from the intima box girder withdrawn less than twenty minutes, the mold firmly on the side of parked in the mold of the pedestal.

The biggest feature is the innovative technology saves manpower, thus reducing the impact of workers in the handling, installation and removal procedures often occur, scratches and other accidents, to reduce the intensity of construction workers, improve worker within the mold assembly and disassembly operations environment, improve production efficiency, the inherent quality and appearance.

In addition, the tire mold steel banding lifting overall use of new technology, but also reduces errors due to manual operation when banding appears, make steel more uniform spacing and regulatory compliance, reduce the difficulty of workers to operate, greatly speeding up the construction schedule, to achieve a reinforcement lashing factory, standardized construction.

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