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liuyi created a new topic How To Clean Wood Floor in the forums.
1. On both sides of the door is placed doormat prevent sand or other accumulation of dust.

2. Use a vacuum cleaner or brush cleaning sand and dust.

3. When you want to more thoroughly clean the floor, you can add a small amount of neutral detergent in water, wring out the mop and then rub.

4. If liquid accidentally spilled on the ground, be sure to wipe it dry immediately. Because the coating to protect the surface of the floor is the floor the best protection.

5. There are a stain immediately clear. Stay longer stain on the floor, the more difficult to clean.

6. In order to prevent the floor surface scratches and dents, you can use the pad at the bottom of furniture legs.

7. on the ground at any time remove residual sand or other abrasive materials.

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07:07 PM
liuyi created a new topic Flooring brands need to innovate in the true sense in the forums.
Innovation at all times the market competitiveness of enterprises for the ultimate weapon. The majority of the floor practitioners know that innovation law, but also continue with the product "Innovation and change as the business to seize the market a powerful weapon. Of course, this initiative is tested, it will often attack attracted wide attention outside the industry, so the brand with focus, innovation has been sought after, sales also rise.Seaside practical commercial floor
Bigger picture industry should be the development of flooring companies, taking the long-term development of China's independent floor for the purpose of carrying the responsibility and obligations of Chinese flooring industry, the real focus from the technological content of products, increase product functionality, to enhance the wood floor multiple value, to provide consumers with value-added services, expansion of solid wood flooring, engineered flooring timber species, to ensure sustainable development of the industry. Perhaps this is the Chinese way floor where, the floor is the corporate brand, "Innovation in the right direction.anti insect dura decking suppliers
Of course, innovation also need to have a cycle process, not an event. Innovation requires a lot more investment, manpower and material resources. Brand innovation is not a simple process, but as long as the flooring business can truly enterprise development as its mission, to achieve quality brand innovation through innovation, technology, business model and corporate culture, I believe that the brand will be able to reach a certain floor height to achieve innovation in the true senseDurable high corrosion Wood Decking
02:43 AM
xianmobuy created a blog entry Moncler Jakke Dame m...

Moncler Jakke Dame make the white sports been surrounded than his tall kid while raising head. "Hum!I know you have no father, also think bogus."The fat boy is made an effort to push him, the thin and feeble body immediately falls down in the ground. See someone fall, a group of child is happy roar with laughter, have of applause to shout bravo, have of learn paraj.

Moncler Herre umper long bear finn.no a "eldest brother" Chuo useless little boy, have of intentionally pull him of clothes, or trampled several feet on his parajumpers w-light long bear asphalt parka shoes, make the white sports shoes gray. " Good pain, you can not humiliate a person.

Parajumpers Herre " little boy wants to push away Chuo his kid of head, but physically weak parajumpers long bear girl sand parajumpers selma dame of he basically cans not push, on the contrary is beaten moncler jakke herre pris quite a few bottom. "We are to want to h.simply advising my the timber is, but at under correct debility blood weak ……" precisely what he slavered stares along at the drumstick in the soup, will not live ground to digest saliva. Su of"by the side of your feet, wild mountain 's biting down hard its one mouthful can also repair your guts. " is actually comfortable to ignore that stomach of his quite hungry to blare, "finish eating a fast wood. " "Can i've no energy to

Parajumpers KODIAK umiliate you how, have Dan you to make your father come to beat me!"The fat kid very proud Yang rises a nose and takes the remote control car robbing to flick around. "You you " his spirit blunt come forward to think that parajump.dunjakke-dkF6160826 ers long bear grey the car robs back, parajumpers long bear coat uk have never thought anti be pushed over in the ground, fall one face dust. "Admire admire the puppy eat excrement, the puppy eats excrement, I want to beat a puppy Alas!!Who use Ga!Throw me with the apple"Very beautiful apple, look well delicious !Not to, seek first to throw his person to give vent to anger. "I!Cosmos invincible lightning flash heroine's princess Zhu Zhu, the extremely evil big bad egg darling is subjected to dead "I sweep sweep all of the bad persons light light. Sees

01:14 AM
liuyi created a new topic Steel roller welder CNC machining equipment in the forums.
16 standard, which covers an area of ??7.5 acres of steel-processing center equipped with CNC bending, steel rolling machine, CNC machining equipment, which greatly improved the efficiency and quality of steel processing. May 19 morning, in the field of steel processing tenders, the reporter saw workers Liu Zhifu, Liu Changjiang ongoing small box beam steel processing.

I saw two men will put a steel console, operating through a few buttons, curved steel will be conjuring up a wound, then fold, the whole process less than 30 seconds, they put steel molding, easy to operate, finished specification.

16 marked chief engineer Li Lei told reporters that this project is the introduction of the operating device small box girder steel CNC bending center. Before use, the bending angle steel required in advance, the length entered into the computer system, the operator simply follow the program will put the original reinforced console, according to program the machine to operate on their own.

As a result, steel processing efficiency, quality levels have improved, processed steel are more standardized than before. Smart tensioning process is entirely controlled by a laptop computer program, without human intervention.

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12:50 AM
obert errara created a blog entry A transportable bori...


The first sewing machine was integrated 1874, depending on a design  Lathes for sale made and trademarked in 1790 by British founder Johnson St.. Back in the the past, sewing gadgets could only sew one product with a single sew type. There were only two kinds available - the hand-crank and the treadles. Later on, although the treadle design is still created for household use even until today, most of them are fixed with an engine for more effective sewing. Investing in resources for your dream house store needs to be done with the place and dimensions of the house store itself strongly in mind. If starting with an vacant area for a new house store, a variety of factors need to be considered.Hydraulic Press Brakes

Range Tedious devices cut the inside of a carried to expand cnc pipe threading lathe its size. Tedious devices are developed to make a carried in the quickest efforts and produce the biggest possible surface complete and specifications. 


A boring device bores gaps in large development devices such as cranes and end loaders, and is very cost-effective devices. A transportable boring device is Drilling Machines a versatile, highly effective, and easy to use device that is available with a air-driven or gas generate.


There are several features of a line boring device. An ordinary device is capable of calculating bores using adjusted inner and exterior micrometers and its dimension varies from 50mm to 2000mm in size. 




12:44 AM
leaflee created a blog entry The correct way to e...

Exfoliating is good but need to master skills exfoliating

The correct way to exfoliate sensitive skin

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The more sensitive skin exfoliating dry skin and oily skin should be carefully treated a lot, you can not use acid sensitive skin type, type of exfoliating scrub products, because sensitive skin exfoliating thin face, use only the type of sponge cleansing aids to help remove the face horny. Sensitive skin exfoliating scrub products do not need a professional, usually with the exfoliating cleanser can replace the product, in the face of a horny parts with a sponge type of cleansing products more cleaning.

The correct way to skin keratin mixed

The correct way mixed skin exfoliation is one week exfoliate once after exfoliating must pay attention to the skin hydrated. Mixed skin exfoliating products do not re-use, do not run out of exfoliating products containing fructose and containing AHA exfoliating scrub products again, so that the skin will cause unpredictable damage.

Mixed skin go right steps horny

The first step: mixed skin exfoliating should start from the chin area of ​​U starting position, outward circular motion massage, hidden in the chin position completely remove the dirt.

Step two: Clear the chin horny later cleared nose on both sides of the skin, hands and pulp gently Daquan, clear rushing in the nose on both sides of the skin and acne to vote.

The third step: After clearing the nose on both sides of the skin, hands and pulp gently Guinness, moved to Yintang position, the forehead area of ​​the skin thoroughly cleared.

11:39 PM
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