Wanted to share our recent snow play trip to Leland snow park near Pinecrest / Strawberry in CA. The links is here


It’s a great place to go for a day trip or overnight. The park has 2 kinds of passes, with one you can use the tug line that takes you up the hill for tubing down ( and better tubes) and other which you have to walk up yourself( Phew, very hard in snow). So will highly recommend taking the one with tug line, besides its fun being pulled up on the line for just 10 bucks more. Also you choose between a 2 hr or a full day pass.

The main hill / slope for tubing is steep but is for bigger kids or ones that can dare J. It is really fast and lot of fun. For smaller kids they have a big play area and gentle slope where they can do tubing/sleighing etc. Sleighs are also there or you can take your own. It’s a beautiful place with great views. Near the park and along the road, there are some open areas where you can have great fun in snow for free.

We stayed the night in Strawberry Inn in the city of Strawberry which is about 4 miles from the park. The Inn is nice & has clean rooms. It has the only decent restaurant in town but beware it closes at 8 PM and there is no other chow place in this small town of I guess a few hundred people. Driving wise this place is great as compared to Tahoe as there is less traffic. It’s slower drive due to 1-2 lane highways but is quiet and scenic and stress free as compared to driving down I-80 or I-50.

Have fun

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